Ever send your kids to a summer / winter camp a pretty good distance away?

I’m currently doing a part-time thing, teaching an intensive English class to some Brazilian high school kids. Their parents send them to America for 3 weeks. They spend that time in Orlando, with class from 9-1 followed by optional shopping excursions, paintball, and so on. This weekend they went to Epcot and Hollywood Studios in Disney. Next weekend they go to NYC. Some days they can’t study because they were up until 2:00 AM partying. I don’t know how much they’re learning, but they are certainly having an experience. I also don’t know how much their parents had to pay, but I imagine more than a little.

Have you ever sent your kid to camp in a foreign country? It seems lie the sort of things Americans would do more rarely than other nations but that’s just a guess on my part. Have you ever sent your kid to a sleepaway camp domestically? Come to think of it, I went to a sleepaway camp when I was in high school, a music camp. I didn’t learn much (certainly never became a musician despite majoring in music for 3 out 4 years of college) but it was an experience!

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