Expensive volontourism and responsible tourism

This article has some expensive ideas for traveling and doing good at the same time. The 14-day trip to Antarctica is over $6,000 / person but you can’t go unless you donate $500 to the Climate Change Challenge (the Climate Challenge thing seems to be run by the same people charging you $6,000 for the trip). The article doesn’t think that’s a bad thing but it makes me wonder. Anyway, on the trip your job is to deliver equipment to scientists down there.

The other trips don’t seem to have specific requirements – I guess they are just environmentally friendly tours. The Galápagos Islands will run you just over $4,000 / person while we don’t get prices for a cruise in the North Sea.

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  1. Linda Bator says:

    If you really want more options that make a difference, check out Earthwatch Institute. They have a whole bunch of different trips you can choose from. Please see http://www.Earthwatch.org for more info!

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