Family ski vacation experience and & one person skis while the other goes to the spa travel plan

The title is a bit long but I decided to put these articles together anyway. The first is a family ski vacation experience with 10 people. The author says:

No family vacation is easy — not even for an expert — and ski trips are especially tough. All that gear to keep track of! All of those people to feed!

Here’s my diary of our not-even-close-to-perfect, but-still-lots-of-fun trip last season to Crested Butte Mountain Resort in southwest Colorado ( where you can ski free until December 15

The diary is not as detailed as the kind I would write (like my Punta Cana one) but it’s still fairly interesting.

The second article could be very practical for someone who needs a vacation plan where one person skis and the other relaxes. It reminds me of the dual African vacation one reader submitted a while back but this one is in Canada so it should be easier (plus no one has to climb Mount Kilimanjaro like our brave reader did on his “vacation”).

Anyway, this article contains a name that ought to be familiar to readers who have been here a while: Banff. One strength of the article is that it recommends specific spas and even treatments. And of course it suggests spas near popular ski areas.

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