Family vacation idea: ancestral travel

This article covers several things related to family vacations and family reunions. Everyone could meet up for a cruise, go to Disney, or rent a villa. The most interesting to me was the ancestral travel idea where families go to wherever their ancestors are from and see their roots:

Do your research – consult with relatives to create a family tree and then confer with a genealogical tour operator for help in locating your ancestral home. Once you identify the village or town, take a scouting trip to meet a relative or close contact before bringing the whole family over.

Arrange a tour and special activities like a picnic or cooking class, something that represents your heritage. Make the “roots” visit the highlight of the itinerary but plan other excursions around it. Use it as an opportunity to see the country, not just the village.

I actually did a search for genealogical tour operator and didn’t find much. That’s not really surprising since once you know where you’re going, any travel agent or tour operator should be able to help you. I’ve done a little research by asking family members for information. I’m not sure if I ever learned the Irish, German, and Italian towns where I have roots. If you need a professional’s help there are a few web sites at the bottom of this genealogy travel blog entry from a while ago.

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  1. Family travel to Wales for genealogy. If your family roots are from Wales, a trip to the northern border is recommended. Seeing the “Ring of Iron” and the massive forts constructed by King Edward I,to subdue the Welch, is a must. The forts are generally well preserved and some are considered as UN Heritage sites. They are massive, jaw- dropping, astonishing, to suggest a few adjatives. A trip to the mountain region is fantastic for climbing, hicking and outdoor enjoyment. This area is now being recognised as a treasure to be explored before becomming too commercialized.

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