Fast Food as a Tourist Attraction?

If I’m traveling, I go out of my way to avoid fast food, as I don’t particularly like it and I would rather eat somewhere more representative of the place I’m visiting. However, the town of Corbin in Kentucky is hoping to cash in on its claim to fame as being the location of the world’s first Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. The town’s tourism board wants to erect a statue of Colonel Sanders, in addition to the existing restaurant and museum. The small museum there features the original kitchen and a recreated lodging room. Kentucky is also opening another unusual attraction, which we mentioned on here recently – a coal mine tour. How about an underground KFC? That may really prove to be popular.

Of course, as everybody knows, fast food is everywhere – especially McDonald’s which has restaurants in approximately 120 countries. However, they recently had to close their 3 restaurants in Iceland due to the poor economy in that country. Apparently, a Big Mac did cost around $5.29 in Reykjavik, making it the third most expensive place in the world to buy one (after Norway and Switzerland).

The Travel Channel actually runs an hour long show occasionally, featuring the 10 most unique McDonalds restaurants in the world. I have to admit I have not watched this program, although some of the more unusual restaurants are: In Dallas, TX in which the building is designed to look like a giant Happy Meal; at the Arctic Circle, which is the world’s most northerly McDonalds and in Asheville, NC, located opposite the Biltmore Estate. This McDonald’s restaurant features elaborately designed ceilings and even a grand piano!

And in case you are wondering where the world’s biggest McDonald’s restaurant is (I know you are!) it is apparently in Vinita, Oklahoma, although there are also large ones in other cities including Orlando and Moscow, which dispute this claim.

If you don’t want fast food next time you are traveling, there are various sites that list diners, family owned restaurants, etc. This one lists old-fashioned diners in each state – something that is as rare to find these days in the United States as a drive-in movie theater!

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  1. brenda says:

    i consider mcdonalds, etc to be emergency food – I only eat there if there is nowwhere else to eat!

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