Finishing the South Korea summer travel plan with Jinju, Koje, Maisan, and Busan

Since my sister will be coming in a few weeks I figured I’d better take some time to think the travel plan through. Sunday July 4th – Wednesday July 7th I’ve already planned (more or less), plus Tuesday July 13 & Wed. the 14th.

Thursday July 8th

We’ll be a bit tired from the 4 hour drive the previous night so this is a good day to stay in Jinju and spend some time with my in-laws. The big attraction here is Jinju Castle and since that’s right near shine (downtown) might as well do some shopping / people watching – it’s a different experience in Jinju than it is in Seoul.

Friday July 9th

Time to visit Kojedo or Koje Island. I’ve never been here so I need to figure out what we’re doing but my sister-in-law’s husband works there and I have a former student I keep in touch with a bit who lives and works there. It’s supposed to be good for nature-viewing and I know there was a POW camp there where North Korean prisoners kind of took over for a while and put a US general on trial. I’m not sure if there’s any tourist stuff related to that but I wouldn’t be surprised.

I don’t yet know if it makes sense to spend the night on Koje Island or head back to Jinju.

Saturday July 10th

Today we take a day trip from Jinju to Maisan. If you check out the photos on this page you’ll see a couple of Tapsa – the coolest Buddhist temples I’ve ever seen. Basically you hike Maisan (san means mountain) to get to the temple. I was here once years ago and remember having some very good dolsot bibimbap near the base of the mountain. I’m hoping to find that same place again…

Sunday July 11th

Busan, Korea’s second biggest city. Haeundae Beach is a big attraction though I’ve never been there on a summer weekend. I expect it will be packed. There’s also a temple I remember really liking in Busan called Yonggungsa (dragon palace temple).

Monday we’ll spend some time with family and then head back to Seoul in the evening.

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  1. Julie says:

    Can’t wait! Keep your fingers crossed for us that our flight upgrades come through!!!

    And if I had to choose temple or beach, I choose temple. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing the beach. But I might not want to spend all day in my bathing suit surrounded by skinny Koreans!

  2. Sharon says:

    I remember seeing Haeundae Beach from some pictures Yeon-yui (a former student of yours) had sent to me. Yes, it was crowded! Also, seem to recall that bib wss rice, or maybe it was bap (also in some pictures she sent). Sounds like a great travel plan, beautiful temples, mountains (don’t see here in south central Texas, and scenery there.

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