First impression of Sirenis Resort in Punta Cana

This will be a fairly short entry because I’m really struggling with the weak WiFi connection here at Sirenis in Punta Cana. I’m in the spacious lobby (which has 2 bars) since there is no internet access in the room.

First impressions here at Sirenis were mediocre, although to be fair we had already been stressed out a bit before arriving several hours late (there is a critical review of Spirit Airlines coming soon).

When we checked in, they wanted to charge us for 7 days even though we’re staying for 6 nights. It took a really long time (even though their English was fine) to straighten that out. Strange.

First, and they didn’t tell me this over email when I made reservations, I had to pay $60 for a taxi from the airport to the hotel because we didn’t have a voucher. Apparently some tours or packages give you vouchers for a taxi from the airport to the hotel. My all-inclusive rate didn’t include transportation.

This would be an important thing to warn people. I mean I don’t usually have $200 cash on me but luckily for me I did this time. We had to pay $10 each to enter Dominican Republic. Then $60 for the taxi. It will be another $60 from the resort to the airport. Then at the airport it costs $20 each to leave the country.

This is all cash only and I’m told there’s no ATM at the airport. Sure you could walk to a bank or maybe one of the stores here at the resort has an ATM. But I wasn’t expecting to need $180 in addition to what I spent on airfare and the all inclusive and I’m lucky I had it on me or I’d certainly be stressed out about it.

All-inclusive also didn’t include the key for the safety deposit box in the room. I paid $12 and am now trying to get the stupid thing to work…

The room itself is spacious, but we’ve already killed 5 mosquitoes in just a few minutes in there. Housekeeping is supposed to spray it tomorrow morning at 8:15. I think that’s included at least…

The resort itself seems really nice. There’s a great big pool area and everything is nice and peaceful. It’s active, but not too crowded – I think this is the offseason. I’ve heard lots of European languages and accents and so far I think I’m the only American I’ve seen here at Sirenis.

Impressively, the people at the front desk who couldn’t get my 6 nights / 7 days figured out spoke at least English and French.

The buffet is open to 11:00 PM, so even though I ate myself silly at 7:30 I’m going back for more. The food is good but not spectacular at the buffet. The specialty restaurants didn’t seem crowded so I guess making reservations for them tomorrow morning will be no trouble.

I’ll write more tomorrow.

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  1. angie says:

    I always tell my clients please book with your travel agent! you would have been told that you have vouchers or not, and what it cost to arrive in punta cana!………please get a travel agent that can work for you! great traveling!!!!!!!!!!

  2. susan says:

    I have traveled to Punta Cana many times and had no problems. We knew that we needed to pay $10 each to enter but nothing to leave.

    We have always used Apple vacations or GoGo travel with a travel agent. I shop around online then call our agent to see if they will match my lowest price. They always match the fee or go lower plus explain that the prices I have found did not include things we needed.

  3. Ray Anderson says:

    We use the internet to find better bargains and details than a travel agent can provide. Today’s internet provides a wealth of information and tools that most agents do not take the time or have the knowledge of all the specifics of a remote location.

    For example We went to St. Thomas Island and the best agent deals were still more expensive than internet searches. We stayed at a 4 star all inclusive resort for half price during their inbetween season ( fall & winter). No agent was able to come up with this bargain.

    Remember, when using ‘middle men’ they charge fees and commissions. The internet searches are free and provide a wealth of options and comparisons.

    Agents are ok if you have little time to utilize the internet and prefer others doing your reservations.

  4. Sharon says:

    The Internet does provide lots of info. I usually arrange my own travel, airlines, hotel, etc. Quite often, I call the hotel reservation desk direct and get good rates. The last trip I made to Reno, went to the hotel website, and found a fantastic rate..Usually, even in a foreign country, I’ve found they speak and understand one, two, or more languages in hotels/resorts. Airports are often a different story, however. My first trip to Mexico City was an experience..absolutely no one spoke English at the airport. Fortunately, I’m familiar enough with Spanish to read and converse; otherwise, would have been lost!

  5. James Trotta says:

    I sometimes use a travel agent, but when I’m in Korea booking a flight from New York to Punta Cana plust the resort, it’s just more trouble than it’s worth. Interestingly, the first commenter said use a travel agent so you won’t be surprised but my first thought was that I should have bought a guidebook…

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