Foot massage course in Bangkok’s Wat Po Thai Traditional Medical School

I found a several-years-old paper as I was cleaning the other day for a foot massage course in Wat Po (Bangkok, Thailand). On and off I’ve been talking about this course with my wife for years. I’d love for her to come with me (knowing Thai massage would be much better if I could expect reciprocation) but the stray dogs depress here and she doesn’t want to go back.

I don’t really want to go on my own and my wife jokes (or maybe she’s serious) that I’m not allowed to go alone anyway because of all the prostitution we saw at the night market / red light district by Saladaeng Station.

But anyway I keep dreaming about trading Thai massages with my wife everyday. Some day she will miss the cheap massages enough to return to Thailand with me. A quick web search revealed that you can study regular massage over 5 or 10 days (30 hours total) for 8,500 baht. Foot massage is also 30 hours over 5 or 10 days but the cost is only 6,500 baht.

Combined with another slice of Thailand, I think Trang sounds good, as does Long Beach, Koh Lanta. There are some useful comments after this Bangkok & Koh Samui vacation itinerary.

I’ve also heard about massage courses in Chiang Mai. One person said that at the Thai Massage School / Hospital courses are less expensive than at Wat Pho and the instructors speak much better English. The cheaper costs seem to be true. I have no way of confirming that the instructors at the school in Chiang Mai speak better English than those in Wat Po. One person complained about the theory lessons (sometime when I link to a tripod page like this one, I send them so much traffic that tripod shuts the site down – if the site is down, try back in a couple of days) and the large number of students in each class. That page also reviews some other massage schools in addition to the two I talk about here.

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