For people with Irish ancestors visiting Ireland

I thought this article was interesting, probably because I had an Irish grandmother. The Shelbourne hotel in Dublin is offering an interesting service where you sit down for tea with a genealogist about where your family came from. The cost is a bit high at 140 Euros for a one hour chat, but it’s still pretty interesting.

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  1. Ray Anderson says:

    Hmmmm…sounds like the most expensive cup of tea available in Ireland??

    The article does contain a short phrase mentioning the ‘National Library’, I wonder if using the library to trace Irish ancestors works?

    My mother’s family are McClains and McNieces who migrated to the Oklahoma territory and some married Cherokee and Choctaw women. But I have no knowledge beyond the Oklahoma period.

  2. Beverly says:

    I think it is a great idea and am curious to know if tourists will like it.

    As a person who went to Ireland in 2001 and tried to find some family history, I would indulge myself. It was very frustrating and a waste of time to try my own search.

  3. abby says:


  4. Lynn Muschong says:

    My Great Grandmother was a Ms Mary Clancey and nothing would be more pleasurable than to find out all about her and her journey through life.

    I’d love to hear more from those who’ve actually used this service and am grateful that it exists for when I finally touch the beautiful grounds of Ireland myself. I also agree with what Abby said, afterall, love makes everything the best that it can be.

  5. Ray Anderson says:

    Has Anyone done geneology research in Ireland’s National Library???

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