Free cruise – Caribbean Cruise Line scam suspicious behavior

Today I received a call from Caribbean Cruise Line, offering me a free cruise because they wanted to fill unsold cabins and generate positive word of mouth advertising.

My first thought was that they were reaching out to travel bloggers, the way Royal Caribbean reached out to me a few years ago. Then I realized that they were cold-calling me – they had no idea I was a world-famous travel blogger. Yes, I am kidding about the famous part.

So what is this free deal? They have no idea how special I am so this is a free cruise for anyone? Sort of. They say the will give you 18 months to book your cruise as long as you pay $118.00 (government port fees) right now. That’s when I told them I wasn’t interested. I prefer to pay my fees after I make a reservation.

I searched the net for other people who have given this a try and CruiseCritic had some information to share. Seems Caribbean Cruise Line is a wholesaler for Celebration Cruise Line. Caribbean Cruise Line probably loses money when they sell the taxes only cruise (we need your $118 right now), but they probably make their money off of people who never get to take the cruise and simply give up on getting their $118 back. There are also reports that you don’t get your taxes only cruise until you sit through a timeshare sales pitch.

Naturally, they don’t tell you about the timeshare sales pitch on the phone. They will take your money first and then disclose the hoops you need to jump through to take that taxes only cruise. Is it a scam? I think so. It might be a legal scam but it’s still someone trying to gain your confidence in order to trick you. Surprise! Now that we have your money you have to jump through hoops to get your tickets. You have to listen to someone selling timeshares. You have to pay $10/person/day for tips. Who knows what else you have to do?

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