From a Zurich restaurant to a Zurich spupermarket

So we left Munich today and are now in Zurich. The castles we saw yesterday were amazing and when I get back from vacation I have pictures to show and some general commentary on tours, the people who take them, and the guides.

But for now I want to talk about Zurich. The Goldenes Schwert hotel is excellent so far. Unless they happen to know this blog they do not know I am anyone but a regular traveler so I was pretty surprised when they told me I would be in the junior suite for my 7 night stay. It is a great room obviously.

By the way, I will not be using contractions in this blog entry until I find the apostrophe on this craazy Swiss keyboard…

So our room has a living room, bedroom, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchenette. The kithchenette turned out to be absolutely huge and that brings me to the title of my blog entry: From a Zurich restaurant to a Zurch supermarket.

We had dinner tonight in a very mediocre Italian restaurant. We had a soup, a salad, and 2 main dishes (not to mention the water you always pay for in Europe). It cost us 90+ Swiss Francs. Obviously doing this 2 times a day for 7 days would get way too expensive – that is why I say the kitchenette was huge for us.

After our expensive but below average meal we went straight to a supermarket we had noticed on the way from Zurich main station to our hotel. We spent 30 Swiss Francs and probably got 5-10 meals worth of ham sandwiches, gnocchi, tortellini, arrabiata sauce, basilico sauce, yogurt, and water (we accidentally bought the kind with bubbles).

We do plan to try a couple os Swiss restaurants that the guy in the hotel recommended, and we might try another Italian place or get some Chinese food (my wife and I make sure to try Chinese food in every country we visit because it is usually different). However, for at least half our meals, probably more, we will be cooking for ourselves.

A few people asked why we chose Zurich – it seems that most people are not real impressed with the city. My wife and I think it is gorgeous and so far I have to say it is worth a visit. I suppose there are plenty of other beautiful cities in Europe and I do not yet know why Zurich would be better than any of them since I have only been here a few hours but we chose it for the New Year (no apostrophe) fireworks.

If you do visit Zurich for more than a few days, I strongly recoomend a kitchenette. Eating out here seems to be very expensive.

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  1. Cathy Broadus says:

    I, too was not overly impressed with Zurich. But there were two things that stood out for me and that was the quick trip to the airport from the train station and the supermarket Coop across from the train station. That Coop was helafied, I got great souveniers(as much as I travel I still can’t spell this word). As the old folks in the south(US) say, “I aint lost nothing in Zurich, I need to go back and find”.

  2. travelfan says:

    Zurich has a beautiful lake right in the middle of the city and is surrounded by mountains. The river runs through the town and the churches are beautiful. The center of town has many modern and small touristy shops that have great gifts to shop for. The candy/bakery windows are fantastic to view because they decorate them so beatifully. I used to ride the trams to different parts of the city and discovered some nice shopping places. I would return. The food is expensive but the local food was the best ever! The sauces are fantastic.

  3. Ellen E. says:

    Our daughter lives in a small town near Zurich and we found the whole area to be wonderful. Including Zurich. She loves living there and says “the people are like people should be”. Meaning polite and honest. We saw some highlights of the city, but plan to see much more in the future.

  4. Glen says:

    I also spent 2 days in Zurich. Switzerland was a great country. I also highly recommend the city of Lucerne. We also made the same mistake with the bubbly water, what is it with the Swiss that makes them require about 5 varieties of water? When we asked a local said: A little bubbly, bubbly, extra-bubbly, even more bubbles and yes there was only one variety on the shelf with no bubbles. What I will never understand is that they never put any bubbles on the packaging?

  5. travelfan says:

    In Italy, they ask you “gas or no gas?” It’s the same as bubbly, sparkling, etc. Many Europeans like the “gas” because it is like an Alka Seltzer (without the awful taste) which settles the stomach.

  6. KVA IYER says:

    Zurich has fine blend of ambience with River Limmet winding its course through many parts the City and its lake surrounded by stunning landscape. Roads have few automobiles as there is excellent public transport system consisting of trains, trams and buses. Pedestrians get pleasant jolt when motorists wait for pedestrians to cross street. People are very friendly out to stretch help to anyone who is need of help.

    A leisurely boat cruise through the river and the lake is superb to enjoy the sights and sounds of Zurich. There is option to avail of food and drinks on board the boat while cruising.

    Shopping is pleasant. Shops are too elegant with merchandise of high quality with stiff price tag. Local residents say that merchandise is too costly and beyond their reach. The shops at road from the Main Train Staion (its name — I am not quite sure – is Bahnhofstrasse) probably cater to the globally super rich persons. Yet it does not cost to window shop. The shopkeepers are eager to describe the item on sale knowing full well that the shopper may not be able to afford such expensive items!

    A great place to visit. If another chance comes, I’ll sure visit the place again.

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