Fun with Google Flights

I like this article on Google Flights. I learned that you can search througha region to see how much flights cost to the different ariports in the area. For example, say I want to go to Vienna (which I do). Then, say I can go to Vienna (which I can’t). Looking at the Google Flights Europe map, I can fly from Atlanta to Paris for $700 while flying to Vienna would be over $1,100. Good to know – maybe I would fly to Paris and take a train to Vienna.

Despite the nice features, I did not find Google Flights to be as simple to use as I thought it would be. For example, if I type in Europe as a destination I see hundreds of red dots for the various airports. For some reason the big airports (like Paris and Vienna) do not stand out. But little ones (like Satu Mare – price unknown) get emphasis. Meanwhile I have to use my geography skills to find the Paris dot, mouse over, and get the price.

Still, check out Google Flights when you have some time to play around. Click expand map and start searching.

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