Fun with my NCL Mastercard

I wrote about travel credit cards a while back (well mostly you guys did the writing in the comments section) and I mentioned how I didn’t really use my points wisely when I took that Alaskan cruise.

Don’t feel sorry for me, but I felt like I had to take another NCL cruise because of that credit card and the points. In fact I have 200 extra points because last time I couldn’t use all my upgrades (my travel agent got me a free upgrade so the coupon became unnecessary).

So I booked one to Bermuda this summer. Then I got a letter saying that the NCL points program was changing – they would mail me my certificates in January 2009 because old points had to be redeemed now whether you like it or not.

As an aside, that timing worked for me since I had already booked a cruise anyway, but there are some people left with coupons expiring in a year that may not want to – or may not be able to – take a cruise this year.

Anyway, I got my coupons. There were 200 points missing. So I found the letter from NCL to Bank of America (BoA) stating that they were giving me the 200 points back and called up BoA. They said they saw the 200 points in the system and they would transfer me to a colleague.

I figured I was getting a manager, but after a slightly confusing exchange I figured out that Miguel was with NCL, not BoA. He said that they had screwed up the award certificates and would send some more. But since he didn’t work for BoA and had no information about my account, he had no idea if those corrections would include my 200 points or not. Apparently the best I can do is wait and call again if I don’t get my certificates by the 20th.

Also, I don’t know what I’ll be doing with the certificates. I learned last time that I should have gone for the money off instead of the room upgrades – just a much better value since the room upgrades are cheap compared to the money you can get off ($500 ofo for 500 points).

I thought I’d be getting 3 $100 off coupons but now I’m learning that 100 point coupons can only be used for room upgrades so who knows? My travel agent said she’d try to get me the discount. If that doesn’t work I guess I’ll have the nicest possible inside cabin on the ship.

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