Gagudju accommodations & tours in Kakadu National Park: website review

The following is a paid review:

I’ve been asked to review Kakadu Hotels, which are all located in Kakadu National Park in Australia. Never having seen the hotels, I can’t give them a true review but I figure this is a good opportunity to talk about visiting Kakadu National Park. Let’s check out their website and see where on my list of places to go Kakadu ends up.

The first thing I wanted to do was get away from the accommodations page and check out the itineraries but I figured first I ought to learn something about the area. The official website says it’s currently monsoon season, a great time to visit! Apparently the platforms for bird watching are covered but the walking trails do say 4WD only – does that mean walking in Monsoon season is a no go?

Monsoon season probably isn’t for me, but I do like that the park is run by the government and the Aboriginal traditional owners. So back to the itineraries. I’m guessing the best part would be the cultural center but it’s hard to guess how much you really learn there. They talk about stories from the elders but are they recordings or is there interaction? And what kind of stories – folklore or personalized so we can actually learn about their lives?

I then checked out the tour section but it’s hard to tell how much interaction you get with Aborigines. It’s also hard to predict how much nature you’re going to see. They say the flora comes alive during the wet season and I do like flowers but seeing animals is more exciting. So far I’ve read about birds and “the elusive red and blue Leichardt’s grasshopper.” The photo section shows birds and crocodiles. That sounds alright but not as cool as what you might see on an African safari or Corbett National Park in India. Maybe Kakadu National Park has lots of wildlife but I’m not sure what you should expect to see.

So back to the hotels. You’ve got the Gagudju Crocodile Holiday Inn, which is shaped like a crocodile and the most luxurious. You’ve got a plainer hotel with air conditioning, and you’ve got a campground though I can’t tell if they have tents available for rent or if you need to bring your own. Also, I see no prices which makes me nervous.

In the end, I’m missing too much information to replace any of my must-see destinations with Gagudju accommodations or tours in Kakadu National Park. I don’t know how much you interact with and learn about Aboriginal life, I don’t know what wildlife I should expect to see (beyond lots of different birds, a red and blue grasshopper, and crocodiles), and I don’t know how much a trip might cost me. If I did know those things and liked the answers then I’d reconsider.

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  1. I’ve been to Kakadu National Park and Katherine a couple of times and the best time to visit in my opinion is between May and October due to the ‘wet season’ making the ability to get anywhere VERY difficult. Even in the ‘dry’ season we went on a 4WD trip and as luck would have it had to tow some US and Israeli tourists out of water with our huge 4WD mini coach (13 seater), who’d misjudged the depth of a ‘puddle’ in their old Station Wagon car.

    As far as scenery and wildlife etc goes – absolutely amazing and pictures and videos just don’t do it justice. Definitely go on the Yellow Waters sunrise and/or sunset cruises if you can make it. Mataranka Thermal Pools another must. Don’t forget your bathers here. Simply stunning. And scenery everywhere – what can I say… Cultural centres are fabulous, well put together and there are local Aboriginal ‘guides’ and people who you can chat to. One time we even met up with an Aboriginal guide to took us on a walk from the carpark area into the bush and in that short time we found all sorts of trees, shrubs, berries, bugs you could eat to survive – really interesting.

    My advice, pick your tour. Go with one that offers you something different. Forget the standard ‘coach’ style of touring – boring as bat poo.

    And by the way, I DON’T work for anyone in the tourist industry. Just absolutely love the area and there’s nothing like it in the world. Better get to see it before the Cane Toads destroy it all.


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