Galaxy Tab owners – better than a laptop for traveling?

First, I haven’t been posting much the last few days because we’re spending a week at my wife’s parents’ house in Jinju. But last night, my wife saw a thing on home shopping – $30 a month and you get a Samsung smart phone and Galaxy Tab.

I currently pay $20 a month for my non-smart phone so a few extra bucks for a smart phone and a Galaxy Tab sounds pretty good. I’d especially like the Galaxy Tab for traveling – I currently bring my Macbook when I travel but I do wish I could pack lighter and a Galaxy Tab is lighter / smaller than my Macbook (which is probably 5 years old and showing signs of age anyway).

Anyone here travel with a Galaxy Tab? It looks much smaller than the Ipad so is it too small? Or is it just right for traveling?

Also, this stuff is 3G – at least one person has said to wait for 4G and the better performance that comes with it. As long as I get a decent WiFi connection on the Galaxy Tab I don’t think I care. My cheapo plan doesn’t include data for the smart phone anyway so I don’t think I’ll be using any of its functions that might really slow it down.

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