Genealogy Travel: The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in downtown Cincinnati

I think it’s important to acknowledge history as you travel. When I travel outside the US I want to learn something about the country I’m traveling in. When I’m in the US I often forget to keep learning, but this article on the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in downtown Cincinnati reminded me how important it is to travel and learn at the same time even if this destination is said to be emotionally disturbing:

The Freedom Center’s second-floor hall is a place of both strong images and quiet reflection. The towering presence of an authentic slave pen, moved from a farm in nearby Kentucky, elicits a stark, emotional response that is softened by the beauty of the surrounding original artwork, created by such artists as Carolyn Mazloomi, Michael Cummings, and Aminah Brenda Lynn Robinson. The exhibits about the slave trade, the American Civil War, and the failure of Reconstruction are disturbing and weighty…

The museum also has a Family Search Center with librarians helping people with ancestral searches through various genealogy databases (U.S. censuses, Social Security death indexes, ships’ manifests, and Ellis Island rosters).

I think our National Underground Railroad Freedom Center is going near the top of my list of places to visit.

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  1. Joseph Kincade JR says:

    I didn’t no we had a freedom center of such a wide aray of history and i am very interested in genealogy i have been doing it now about 10 years next stop freedom center .

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