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As usual Forbes talks about some vacations most of us can’t afford. They mention something about a 1-week vacation for $21,000. I think that’s about 3-5 months worth of vacation for me…

Anyway, I enjoyed reading about places with little cell service:

Gobi Desert

Alaskan wilderness



Rocky Mountains

Of course even in these places you have to be careful since parts of each do have service…

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  1. A says:

    Even if I go someplace nearby and cruddy, like Atlantic City, I still tell people I’ll be “out of the country” and leave my phone at home. Do not bother me when I’m out or you’ll be sorry.

  2. Anne says:

    There are some great places to go where although there is cell service, you can stumble upon amazing finds for free! Dallas has really started booming with art as have Atlanta and Nashville.

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