Getting harder to travel in a messed up world

“When U.S. citizens are traveling abroad they don’t enjoy a lot of protections. They have contact at the embassy, but they need to pay attention to what the current conditions are,” said former assistant director of the FBI, Chris Swecker.

So the US issues a travel warning for Libya and encourages Americans to leave. I can’t imagine too many American considered Libya safe before this travel warning though. Now we have attacks on US embassies in Yemen and Egypt. Now Yemen people should have already known was unsafe, but Egypt has been a pretty regular tourist spot for a while for many Americans.

Meanwhile, if Americans can’t safely travel to a country, travel warning issued or no, I have to question how much aid the US should be sending. I don’t like giving my money to the US Treasury, largely because I don’t like what happens to the money after I write my checks. If we’re going to send tons of money to Egypt, Libya, and Yemen, shouldn’t I be able to travel there?

Anyhow, before I turn my travel blog into a political blog, let me ask a question – Which countries in the Middle East would you feel comfortable traveling in?

And let’s keep in mind the risk that US ambassador Chris Stevens and the soldiers who serve abroad and the aid workers who serve abroad took on because America asked them too. They work for a safer world for Americans. Ambassador Stevens and so many others will never see that world but there’s still hope that we might.

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  1. Sharon says:

    None in the Middle East now…I won’t dwell on the political issues, but I do have to say that Libya and Egypt were relatively safe under former rule for over 40 years. As far as the money we send, that would be unnecessary too if both countries hadn’t been destroyed through so-called humanitarian intervention. Bah humbug…but enough said…you may choose not to stir up a hornet’s nest, but I have to give my opinion…

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