Getting through security in American airports

Check in early, because a trip through airport security checkpoints may take a few minutes but sometimes takes 30 minutes or more. The longer waits can be expected at bigger airports like JFK.

To help you get through security faster: Lighters are now prohibited. Older advice includes: Don’t wrap gifts, even in checked luggage, because screeners may need to examine them. Lock luggage only with TSA-approved locks, and prepare to remove coats and jackets for X-ray before proceeding through a checkpoint. (Shoe removal is optional, but recommended for footwear with metal or thick soles or heels to avoid additional screening.)

Actually shoe removal is not always optional so if you see everyone in front of you removing their shoes it’s a safe bet that you’ll have to as well.

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  1. Joe says:

    Dont forget to leave your illegal drugs at home.

  2. Sue says:

    LAX expect to be in line for awhile. Wait times are long… patient.

    No longer can you only check your bags with your airline. You must go through a second security check with your luggage in hand. You must also remove film from your camera… not be erased.

    Shoes…..everyone had to remove them.

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