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A few days ago I wrote about a few haunted mansions, bars, and churches. Today in my email I had a guest article on ghost hunting organizations. I guess the thinking is you can travel within the US or take one of those offseason deals to Europe and tour a haunted castle or something on vacation. People visit castles on vacation all the time – ghost hunting in a castle might be a little less touristy. Anyway, here’s the guest article:

In the past, ghost hunters were thought to be abnormal and people were very leery of their findings and adventures. Today there are numerous ghost-hunting organizations throughout the world that are increasing in members on a regular basis.

With so many different ghost hunting organizations out there, it is impossible to list them all but here is just a preview of what is available for those who have an interest in hunting for the ghosts that haunt us. There is the International Ghost Hunters Society that claims to have completed over 1,500 investigations into the sightings of ghosts and the places they haunt. You can locate a ghost hunting organization in almost every state. For example: The Utah Ghost Hunters Society, Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance, Ghost Hunters of Southern Michigan, New Jersey Ghost Hunters, and countless others.

There are also numerous places around the world that offer ghost hunts for those of us that would like something different for our next vacation. Pengersick Castle is located in Cornwall in the United Kingdom. It is said to be haunted by many ghosts including murder victims that died in the tower, as well as a monk that was killed by Henry Pengersick in the 14th century, and even children that were reported to have died in the castle.

Tours and ghost hunts of the Pengersick Castle can be taken on Saturday evenings from April through October from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am. If you would like to book a ghost tour, you can contact Pengersick Ghost Nights by phone at 01736 331206, or visit their website at

If your traveling overseas, make sure to look for haunted locations and tours in the area you will be visiting. A company called Haunted Castles and Hotels offers tours all over the world. One is the Dragsholm-Slot Hotel in Sealand, Denmark that claims to be home to three ghosts, a gray lady, a white lady and the ghost of the Earl of Bothwell. It is said that every night you can hear the Earl’s horse drawn carriage approaching the hotel, but when you look outside, it is not there. They also offer tours of eight different castles throughout England, the Brissac castle in France, the Bran Castle in Romania, ten castles throughout Scotland, three castles and hotels in Ireland, and four castles in Wales. They offer tours such as the Best of Britain and Ireland tours that provide the guest with several tours in a single visit! If you would like to know more, you can get more information at on the various tours they offer and more detailed information and history on each castle they visit.

Many people enjoy being a bit frightened and feed on the excitement of ghost hunting. Do a little research and find a ghost hunting organization that is near your location. Give them a call and go with them one night for a ghost hunt. That is, if you think you can handle facing the things that haunt us!

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  1. Angela Sylvan says:

    Ghost hunting in castles in England. Lovely, it is excellent that these escapades still exist!

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