Going to Hawaii (not me though)

So my semester starts in March while my wife starts at a new tour agency on February 15th. But while my vacation lasts longer she’s the one going to Hawaii in March. I mentioned recently that JAL was having a sale and we were tempted. On the other hand, we didn’t want to leave the dogs alone (in the vet’s place) so soon after our last trip so it looks like I’ll do something alone this summer and my wife will go to Hawaii without me pretty soon.

So we got the JAL ticket. My friend Doug owns a condo at Hanalei Bay Resort on Kauai so my wife will be staying in this condotel type unit.

She’ll be meeting a friend from high school who has been living in LA for 20 years. Meeting in Hawaii is cool enough, but this friend she hasn’t seen in 10 years so that’ll be extra cool. I already mentioned the JAL flight, that goes to Honolulu on Oahu. I started looking for cheap flights for the Honolulu to Lihue (Kauai) flight. It looks like we’ll be paying about $60 one way for economy but one leg only had first class for a convenient time in economy plus or first class. It’s only a 35 minute flight but I told my wife to try first class for $150 or so.

This will be Hawaiian Air by the way. There was a flight that cost a few bucks less but I had never heard of the plane they were using and Hawaiian Air has Boeings. I still remember the time I flew from Washington DC to Newark in a 21 passenger propeller plane with a curtain separating the pilot from the passengers. I like the name brand planes…

It looks like they have direct flights from LA to Lihue that cost about $500 – a bit more than the discounted Seoul to Honolulu flight, but it seems reasonable enough.

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