Golden Sands Shangri-la Penang Malaysia

Another hotel in Penang: the Golden Sands Shangri-la in Batu Ferrenghi. This where we stayed after we left the Sheraton.

The beach at Batu Ferrenghi wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be, so we spent most of our days in the hotel, which had a fantastic buffet breakfast, and 2 great swimming pools. My only complaint is that there’s not much shade. If you want to get one of shady tables, figure on putting your towels, books, etc. down to claim one before 9:30, the earlier the better. You could wake up, claim a table, and then go eat breakfast.

The rooms were quite nice, especially the view after we changed rooms because our first had a roof view. Our second had a pool/ocean view and a nice balcony. The last day our flight left at 3:00 AM, and we had to check out at 12:00 noon. They let us hang out by the pool all day and take a shower in some unused room (which was weird because when we tried to extend our stay we were told everything was booked – I guess they save that room for people to take showers in). All in all it was a relaxing and luxurious way to end our vacation.

I should add that it was nearly twice as much as the Sheraton, so it should be much nicer… And I should add that there’s not much to do in Batu Ferrenghi, although from around 9:00-12:00 midnight the night market is pretty interesting and not as crowded as similar markets in Kuala Lumpur. You can often save around 40% through bargaining.

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  1. Lee Youn Hee says:

    I traveled to Thailand with my family in 2002.

    In Bangkok, I visited a Buddist temple and saw various shows. It’s fantastic and interesting.

    In Pataya, I went to the beautiful seashore. I will never forget that travel. I want to go there again.

    Also, I traveled to the Philippines in 2003.

    I went to the Philippines for missionary work.

    But, I visited some famous place. For example, the Paksanhan water fall is very great scene.

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