Google buying Frommer’s travel guides – more detailed search results coming

After buying Zagat a while back, Google Inc. is buying Frommer’s guides to complement the Zagat restaurant listings.

Google is buying Frommer’s from publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc. along with John Wiley’s other travel-related businesses.

Frommer’s now publishes more than 300 guidebooks and runs the website. It’s unclear what Google has in mind for the guidebooks, but there is some talk about Google’s plans to use Zagat and Frommer’s information to improve their search results.

People searching for popular vacation destinations will soon see some reviews within the search result listings. How this will work exactly remains to be seen, but I imagine you could search for a restaurant or a hotel and then get some sort of rating without actually visiting any of the websites in the search results.

Google’s acquisition of Frommer sent shares of stock in travel firms like Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline, Yelp, and TripAdvisor all down. I see this having the biggest impact on tripadvisor and yelp personally.

Google stock is at a 5 year high. It’s all time high around $750 per share seems within reach. No, this is not any sort of financial advice.

What I haven’t seen yet, is how much Google is paying for Frommer’s.

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