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Overview: I recommend Grunberg Haus for people who have a reason to go to Vermont. It sounds cryptic, but it really depends on the season. In the Fall you might go for Autumn leaves and hiking, in Winter it could be skiing or snow shoeing, In Spring or Summer I suppose it might be hiking or just nice trips to places like Burlington and Stowe for shopping or whatever.

Anyway, if you find yourself looking for a place to stay in Waterbury, Vermont for whatever reason, I feel that Grunberg Haus is a good choice. Here’s my experience:

After my sister’s wedding in Boston my wife and I took my parents to Vermont to help them unwind, celebrate, whatever. So it was my wife and I, my parents, and their dog.

So when we arrived my father asked how strict they were about the rules (the rules are pretty strict). My father explained that we had a crate but preferred to let Eagle (our dog) wander around the room even while we were out. We promised he would stay off the furniture and that if there were a problem we’d pay for any damage.

The owner said he trusted us and we left the crate in the car. I’m not promising that they’ll make exceptions in the future, so if you’re bringing your dog, bring a crate.

Now dogs are not allowed in the main B&B – they are allowed in the three cabins that close for winter in mid-October. Jeff, the owner, showed us to the cabin which was a bit of a hike for my parents so we decided that my wife and I would stay in the cabin with the dog, while my parents stayed in the main building.

The cabin was rustic but nice. Heat came from a wood burning stove or an electric space heater. The stove was small but I still managed to get a hot fire going that had my wife up all night (angry with me) and Eagle up all night panting. We could have opened the windows, but my wife hates the possibility of a few bugs more than extreme heat so we kept the windows closed. There were screens.

There was no phone or TV, something I think is refreshing. Cell phone reception is spotty at best. The floors and rugs in the cabins are swept but not vacuumed (I think) so the carpet was a bit dirty. My wife and I weren’t bothered and the sheets and quilts and things were nice and clean.

The cabins are right near some trails in the woods, which Eagle loved. Jeff told us that people often comment on how much their dogs enjoy the woods. Dogs should be kept leashed, obviously. You don’t want your dog chasing a squirrel or deer deep into the forest or going after one of the free-range chickens at Grunberg Haus.

The room in the main house was also nice, with no TV or phone (there is a phone in the main building – bring a calling card for long distance). The main building is set up with WiFi so you can get internet access. As you can tell from the few days of missing blog entries I chose no phones, no TV, and no internet. Hey, it’s a vacation.

Grunberg Haus has a nice, cozy atmosphere. There’s a game room with a fridge that has free apple cider plus you can make instant coffee or hot chocolate. You can also put your own food in the fridge. There’s also a large fireplace that must be really wonderful in winter. There was no need for a fire while we were there, but people sat around the living room on chairs and couches chatting and drinking wine. I think there was some liquor (maybe cognac) free for people to drink.

If you’re looking for a modern hotel, Grunberg haus may not be for you. The carpet on the main floor looks somewhat old, some rooms don’t have private bathrooms (we paid for one that did), and there’s the no phone / no TV thing.

Breakfast was good. One day we had apple sauce pancakes and the other day baked French toast. Everyone was full after breakfast, but we were all surprised that we weren’t asked if we wanted more food. I’m not sure (forgot to ask) if guests who want seconds are fed as much as they can eat.

I’ll quote the official costs, which I think are a fair value:

On weekends, we have a large suite with queen bed in one bedroom, twin size bed in a small second bedroom, and private bathroom for $135/night; a large suite room with two queen beds, private bathroom, and gas log woodstove for $145/night; standard rooms with private bathrooms for $125/night; and rooms that share a connecting bathroom with the room next door for $95/night.

On week nights (Sun – Thurs nights), the rates are $120/night for the suite room, $130/night for the suite room with gas log woodstove, $110/night for standard room with a private bathroom, and $80/night for a room with a shared bathroom.

We also have cabins, each with a queen bed and private bathroom. On Fri and Sat nights, they rent for $145/night. Week nights, they rent for $130/night. The cabins are an ideal size for romantic getaways for two people. We take pets in the cabins with prior notification ($5/night per pet, minimum of $10) but not in the inn. The cabins are open until October 31 when we close them for winter.

All in all, it was exactly what you want from a B&B: friendly owners, nice rooms, good food, and a friendly atmosphere (we had nice chats with several other guests).

Feel free to ask me questions here.

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  1. Sandra says:

    I just booked a cruise on Lake Champlain in Vermont. I wanted to share it with you, as you seemed to have a very similar “land based” experience in Vermont. I too have babies (dogs) and I will board them at a really nice place called Gulliver’s Doggie Daycare.

    I am going on a three night cruise. I am excited as it will bring me around the southern portion of Lake Champlain, which I haven’t really seen before. I didn’t know there were overnight cruises on Lake Champlain. The company is called Vermont Discovery Cruises. They are out of Burlington Vermont. This is where the boat, the Moonlight Lady will leave from. We will get to stop in Vergennes Vermont at the Basin Harbor club. My husband is very excited to go to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum there. I am going to walk around the grounds of the club, I hear that the bird viewing opportunities are amazing there!

    One thing that seems amazing to me is that all of the meals are included in the price of the package and they are quite nice. I cannot imagine only eating applesauce and French toast for breakfast while on vacation. According to their literature they offer eggs to order every day with all of the fixins. I am really looking forward to the fresh food that they offer. All of the food is prepared and served on the top deck, which I find to be really neat.

    I will tell you all about it after we go in June.

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