Halloween travel ideas: haunted mansions, bars & churches

People like to visit haunted houses on Halloween, but that’s certainly not all. Here are some sample travel destinations:

Yes, fans of the macabre – Halloween is in full swing at East Hartford’s Haunted Mansion at the Veterans Memorial Clubhouse and the experience is Spooktacular! Please remember that this is a quote from the article – I would never write a word like spooktacular.

The tour, which runs at 7 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Monday, begins at the old Tavern Museum, possibly “the most haunted building in North Georgia,” according to University professor William Bender in “Haunted Atlanta and Beyond.”

Ghost hunters will get their chance to investigate Beauregard Parish’s Old Gothic Jail, where two convicted killers were executed nearly eight decades ago.

Is anyone here traveling for Halloween? I’m not, but I’d love to hear your haunted house and ghost hunting stories!

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  1. Anni says:

    Years ago, I lived in an apartment on the 3rd floor of an old house that the 2 bottom floors were a museum. This was in Terre Haute, Indiana. The house was an old mafia house from years gone by and was beautiful after being restored by the historical society.

    The 1st floor housed the big pieces, such as a wooden, hand-carved Indian that had been outside one of the original stores. He stood about 6 feet tall. There was also a clown that was from an original candy store. He was huge…standing about 6 feet tall and about 5 feet around…fat. He was all hand-painted and had been restored to some extent.

    When I rented the apartment, the lady who I rented from told me that I “might hear” some occasional noises at night, but to not be afraid as there was nothing harmful. It was just the clown moving from room to room. She said he would get tired of being in one room and would travel to another room to get a better view or to see “a friend.” I just laughed…I was about 22 y/o at the time, thinking to myself that this lady had just too much time on her hands and had been in the museum way too long.

    I moved in and totally enjoyed the spacious 1 bedroom apartment, tall ceilings, large kitchen and my own space. However, one night, something woke me out of a sound sleep. I heard what sounded like something rolling across the hard-wood floor, but not in my apartment, somewhere else in the house. It stopped and I went back to sleep. The next day, I noticed, when I came home, that the clown and the Indian were in different windows of the 1st floor facing the street. I didn’t think much about it and certainly wasn’t afraid. When I went to pay my rent for the next 2 weeks, the lady asked if everything was all right. I told her yes, but I had heard something rolling across the floor about 3 weeks before, but, it had stopped and I wasn’t worried. She told me that the clown and the Indian had traded places because Mr. Clown was tired of looking out the side window, so, he got the Indian to trade with him so he could face the front of the house. I just looked at her. I wasn’t understanding her. She then told me that the Indian and Mr. Clown had been the only two items that had been saved from a fire that had taken down 3 full blocks of the downtown area in the early, early 1900’s. They had resided at stores that were side by side and had burned to the ground. Both owners had lived upstairs above their stores and had died in the fire. It was said that the two male owners had manifested their spirits in the Indian and Mr. Clown and the museum was renowned for the “moving” Indian and Mr. Clown.

    I moved about a month later to live with a girl friend. I was pretty glad to get out of the museum, only because I was worried Mr. Clown or Mr. Indian would/could climb the stairs to my 3rd floor apartment some night.

  2. James Trotta says:

    Excellent story! Were you ever suspicious that the old lady rolled the staues around herself? Still better safe than sorry – clowns are scary enough – a ghost in a clown statue…

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