Hanalei Bay Resort: pictures of Kauai birds

Now begins the review of Hanalei Bay Resort, where my wife had a condotel room when she visited Hawaii in March. One of the things my wife loved about Kauai was that she didn’t see any pigeons. All the birds were pretty. Here I have 3 pictures from her first morning at Hanalei Bay. The colorful little guys wanted to watch her eat breakfast on the lanai (balcony).

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  1. Sharon says:

    These are beautiful birds! I recognize the male and female cardinals, but don’t know the middle one. I too like birds, and have a cheerful little budgie, Cesare, who calls to the birds who visit the feeder on my patio. Unfortunately, his companion Cleo only lived 3 years, so he is now an only child…!

  2. Dave says:

    The middle bird is a red-crested cardinal, a species probably introduced from Brazil.

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