Happened across a farmers’ market in the subway today – Cheongdam Station in Seoul

I had never seen this before although my wife insists today was the second time we went shopping in a farmers’ market on a subway in Seoul. Naturally, I was too busy buying persimmon, fluffy rice sweets, and sweet potato to take pictures but I did find a few places where you can see what it is I’m talking about. KBS News has an entire article, the pictures I’m talking about are way down at the bottom. This Korean blog has some nice big pictures – just click the link and scroll down a little.

Here’s a Korean language story about farmers taking their produce to the market. You’ll eventually see them selling stuff in the station itself and then after that you will see the actual subway train market thing.

You can see another video of the market train here. It’s all in Korean but just click the link and click play on the video.

Oh and if anyone wants to see for themselves you can check out Cheongdam Station on line 7 Tuesday to Thursday. I think they’re open till about 7:00 although officially they say it’s supposed to be 8:00. We think they open in the afternoon some time.

Speaking of Seoul’s subway, I took a train during rush hour today for the first time in years and I remember why I hate it. I had about 7 flights of stairs to get up and the only escalator puts me on the wrong street so I usually run up the stairs as fast as I can to get a little mini-workout in.

This morning, there was a wall of people coming down the stairs. With the people coming down taking up the entire stairwell I hesitated for a moment before doing my usual sprint. I went along the right wall, where the arrows were on my side and figured the people who are walking against the arrow would just have to get out of my way.

Of course one middle-aged woman thought differently and we collided. She fell and I felt a little bad, but mostly I just felt frustrated. Do I really have to spend 5 minutes walking up the stairs in a crazy zigzag because people ignore all the nice little arrows?

And while we’re talking about Seoul subway etiquette, check out #2 on the official Seoul subway etiquette page. I guess they meant to say no begging on the subway, but it comes across much more hilariously.

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