Has anyone read any Barbara Sjoholm?

Hopefully someone noticed that I missed a blog entry yesterday. Well now that I’m on vacation (the semester ended, I calculated grades, I listened to myriad complaints about grades, etc.) I’m truly busy. Yesterday it was a sick dog and a drive to my In-Laws’ house. Plus I’m trying to bulk up which is harder than it sounds. It requires a lot of eating and a lot of exercise (I’m only interested in gaining muscle weight). It’s incredibly hard to eat 6 meals a day, go to the gym, and live a nornmal life.

Even with all that stuff, I might have been able to blog but my In-Laws’ internet connection was down…

But here I am today. I found an interesting interview with a writer I had never hreard of, Barbara Sjoholm. She talks about how traveling made her develop as a writer. It certainly doesn’t work that way for everyone. I meet tons of aspiring writers in Korea who have done absolutely nothing. I guess they majored in English literature, can’t handle working for a corporation (or just can’t get a job), and wind up teaching English in Korea.

I guess even I am an aspiring writer of sorts (though at least I’m published – not only on this blog but also in a few linguistics / language teaching type places).

But Barbara Sjoholm had the right blend of inspiration, talent, and luck. One of her books (not her newest book) sounds pretty interesting. Called, The Palace of the Snow Queen: Winter Travels in Lapland, a nonfiction account of several winters spent in northern Scandinavia, it’s about the ice hotel and other things up there in northern Scandinavia:

I took as my starting point the building of the Ice Hotel outside Kiruna Sweden. I watched the construction and went back to the hotel at various times over the winter months to observe it in all its touristy glory, until I finally watched it start to melt one April.

There are other things mentioned too, but that sounds really interesting. Of course I’ve thought about staying in the ice hotel, but I never considered wathing them build it. However that process is probably much more interesting than actually staying there…

Has anyone read any Barbara Sjoholm? From the interview, I’m guessing that her work is pretty interesting.

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