Hawaii days 8 & 9

So the hotel’s wifi no longer works. I’ll be posting sporadically from Starbucks.

Day 8

We still had the rental this morning so we set our alarm to wake up before sunrise and drove to Diamond Head. We had seen a sunrise tour advertised for $14 each and we’ve seen taxis going there for $10 (I assume they didn’t use the meter since they would drive by the bus stop where people were tired of waiting holding up a little sign). Buses don’t go early enough for the sunrise. So the rental car saved us some money even though we paid $5 to park.

The hike was alright. It was still dark and the moon was bright enough for me even the my eyesight isn’t strong. Still lots of idiots with flashlights out to blind people. Most of the hikers were Japanese – their sunrise tour filled numerous buses. We had seen an ad for a Korean tour. I guess not many Americans wake up early to hike to see the sun rise?

Toward the end, it got a little steep. And we saw people heading back down before sunrise. We’re not sure what they were up to – possibly locals who do the hike to wake up or see the moon and stars or something. For us, the sun rose behind some clouds so looking at the moon was the highlight of the hike. Maybe some people got up there and recognized that the clouds would somehow obscure the sunrise.

After returning the car we had some breakfast and then hit Waikiki Beach. We had a very late lunch at Fatty’s Chinese Kitchen. We had been talking about a trip to Honolulu’s Chinatown but saw some mixed reviews about how it closed down at 2:00 and smelled like urine. Luckily, the highest rated Chinese restaurant in Honollu on Yelp is Fatty’s in Waikiki. And it’s not too pricey, maybe $10 average for an entree. They had some prepared food that was much cheaper but all the reviews said order from the menu and watch them prepare it fresh so that’s what we did. It was good.

Then back to Waikiki Beach to watch the sunset on beach. Later that night we did some walking, which means my wife went shopping while I waited outside enjoying the Hawaiian air. We walked by a Denny’s. My wife had never eaten in one. I hadn’t eaten in one in over 10 years. We went in to look at the menu and next thing I know my says we want a table. We ate a huge meal at 11:00 at night or so, went back tot he hotel while it drizzled a bit, and then worked out for a few minutes before bed.

Day 9

This morning we woke up a little bit early, around 9:30, and got ready for a 2 or 3 mile walk to another highly rated restaurant I found on Yelp, Onotogo. This is in Makiki, a residential part of Honolulu next to Waikiki. It seemed that the restaurant, a truck with a grill outside, was frequented by locals who come often during lunch hours. They open from 11 AM to 2 PM. We arrived before noon and they were already sold out of some Chinese red snapper I forget the name of. My wife had some shrimp while I had a mixed plate of two local favorites – meatballs in mushroom onion gravy and hamburger curry. The food was real good.

On the way back we stopped a Walmart to buy a can opener. Amazingly, you can’t buy one of the manual can openers with the little wheely razor thing you turn. $166 later we walked the couple miles back to our hotel with bags full of coffee, cereal, vitamins, protein powder, eyelash stuff, dog shampoo, dog treats, things I can’t remember, and a can opener.

We spent what was left of the afternoon on Waikiki Beach. My wife saw someone collecting stuff that seemed to have been abandoned and had me go ask her if we could have a bodyboard. So now we have one though I guess we’ll be abandoning it in a few days. We probably won’t have much of an idea of how to use it by then but you never know. Right after the sunset, around 6:30 or so a free music and hula show began. We happened to have our beach towels laid out in the audience section because there’s a little roped off grassy area that my wife likes for the lack of sand and I like for the availability of shade. I did hear some worker complaining about how people didn’t respect the rope but the whole thing is a little weird since they only take the rope down an hour or so before each of the four weekly performances. There are lots of other times when people might want to use the area and it’s often crowded. Anyway, the performance was good.

Then we went back to the hotel and set off our smoke alarm cooking asparagus. A minute later the building’s fire alarm went off. It was pretty exciting but we managed to avoid sprinklers and fire departments somehow. Even though it took the maintenance guy 15 minutes to turn off the very loud and annoying smoke alarm.

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  1. David says:

    Go to Chinatown. You be surprised how clean it is.

    Great prices and great food. Far fewer homeless than in Waikiki. I see the negative reviews, but its just not true.

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