Helsinki day 2

We had gone to bed early but didn’t manage to catch up on sleep – I got about 7 hours and woke up with a pretty stiff back. The mattress in the hotel is just too soft for me.

The result was a fairly early start. I reserved some concert tickets for tomorrow night and I figured we’d pick them up first. So after a bit of walking around we found the convenience store where you’re supposed to pick up tickets (it sounds funny but this is the Finnish TicketMaster so we’re talking about a big company). But my confirmation printout thing didn’t work and I couldn’t get my tickets.

We walked around a few more shops and then headed to Helsinki Cathedral for a free organ recital at noon. I think we walked around and did some window shopping before heading back to the hotel to figure out what to do next. We settled on the Rock Church (I’ll look up the long Finnish name later) – which is a church carved (blasted?) out of a huge rock. It’s pretty cool inside. They have a pianist most days from 10:00 to 2:00 (with several breaks including a long lunch break I’m told) and the occasional concert. We won’t have a chance to see a concert there sadly.

Then we headed back to Cafe Carusel where we would eat dinner and listen to the jazz we thought we were going to hear last night. The performance started half an hour late at 8:30 and went for about 2 hours. Most of that time we were shouting over the music and chatting with a couple of friendly locals.

They said Helsinki was great but also said some things that told me I’d never want to live hear. Apparently we are getting lucky with the beautiful weather – summer isn’t always as nice as it is now. And winter really sucks – people stay home except to go to work. And its dark (as in no sunrise) for a while. And, of course, cold (-25 celsius).

Then back to the hotel, a bit of yoga to loosen up, and now this, and soon bed.

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  1. Matthew Clark says:

    Glad you’re enjoying it!

    The church is Temppeliaukion kirkko.

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