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After yesterday’s entry, Lin asked:

Does anyone have any suggestions for a nice hotel in Rome? I am planning 3 or 4 days in Rome, and then possibly take a train to Venice. Any suggestions as to a hotel in Venice? Thanks

I stayed at an expensive hotel in Rome (it was a wedding gift) and a cheap hotel in Venice (which I paid for myself).

The hotel in Rome was excellent, but very expensive. Grand Hotel Plaza on Via del Corso starts at about 400 Euros/night. I don’t think it was that bad in 2001 because we didn’t have to worry about Euros or the weak dollar back then. Then again, things just don’t get real cheap in Rome.

Even Express by Holiday Inn San Giovanni is close to $300/night. They boast good customer satisfaction and great location but this is a 3 star hotel. Express By Holiday Inn Rome East is about half that but the location is not what most tourists are looking for – it’s on the outskirts or Rome in an ugly area and you need a shuttle to get to the subway.

Next time I’m in Rome I’m going to find an apartment – these are often less expensive than hotels in comparable locations even if you have to pay the higher rate for a short stay discounts are for stays over 1 week or 1 month).

The hotel in Venice was fine. Hotel Bernardi-Semenzato is around $115/night now. We paid 95,000 lira which was about $50 back in 2001 (for a double with no bathroom). There is a curfew.

Maria recommended “Forum Hotel. And try asking for a room overlooking the Forum/Palatine Hills” in the comments for yesterday’s post.

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  1. Craig Montero says:

    As part of tour package for Rome we stayed at the Hotel Quirinale. It is an older, but well maintained hotel. The key is its location. It is within walking distance of the central bus depot and the main train station. You can get to any point in Rome affordably using the bus system. The hotel itself also has wonderful charm.

  2. Jan Fabbricatore says:

    Four years ago we stayed in an apartment for 3 weeks that was a block from Piazza Navona. Great location, and it was nice to be able to cook the occasional meal and not eat out. Last September we came back to Rome for 5 days and stayed at the Hotel Trevi. It ran around $300 a nite, was older and noisy, but literally overlooked the Trevi fountain. I had a hard time staying away from our window and didn’t get a whole lot of sleep, but it was worth it!!

  3. Rob says:

    Dear Jim- check out the Rick Steves, Italy guidebook at your local bookstore. Rick provides a good list of budget to above modest price hotels. He specializes in hotels near the city center (where most travellors want to be anyway). I have used Rick’s books for years now. I am occasionally surprised that many americans are not aware of him.

    good luck,

  4. Charles Mason says:

    In August of 2005 my wife and I stayed at the Hotel Dei Mellini in Rome. We paid approximately 180.00 dollars per night and I recommend the hotel highly. It is modern, clean and near some nice restaurants.

  5. kmc says:

    In 2004, we stayed at the Star Hotel Michelangelo (only 2 blocks from St. Peter’s). We had a gorgeous view from our balcony and continental breakfast daily for under $300/night.

  6. Dian says:

    A good hotel in Rome is the Hotel Aberdeen. It is in a great location and the staff are very friendly, helpful and accomodating and the rooms are attractive and clean. The breakfasts were very good.

  7. melbs says:

    I stayed at the Hotel Excelsior back in 1994. It was gorgeous back then and I’ve heard that it’s been updated since then. It was a short walking distance to the Spanish Steps and I don’t think the Trevi fountain was very far, either. It was costly back then but it was worth it!

  8. Patrice says:

    A year ago, I stayed at the Hotel Forum in Rome.

    The hotel was directly next door to The Forum and just a short-ish walk from the Palatine Hills. The Hotel was lovely, guest service was good.

    I also stayed at the Hotel Al Gambero in Venice, which was extremely quaint, with a triangular-shaped room and a view of the canal on which it is located.

  9. Audrey says:

    A friend recommended Torre Rossa Park Hotel in Rome for a trip I plan to take this summer. Check out the website at Godere!

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