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The following is a paid web site review:

Hotel Reservations says they can save you up to 70%. I decided that the best way to review this site would be to check out a few hotels and see what the prices are.

I think I mentioned that later in the month I’ll be reviewing Plantation Bay in Cebu. I’ve heard that Plantation bay is great, but I’ve never been there and I’ve also read some poor reviews so I need to see it with my own eyes. Plus, ever since I read about their poolside rooms where you jump out your backdoor into the water I’ve been dreaming about experiencing this for myself. Plantation bay is technically in Lapu Lapu City (not Cebu City). They didn’t have a listing for Plantation bay so I can’t judge them on this one. I tried linking directly to their Lapu Lapu hotel search results, but the link didn’t work. You’ll have to visit their homepage and do the search from there. Or you can start from their advanced search.

I started wondering what other hotels I know about and the Hotel @ MIT in Boston (technically Cambridge) came to mind. When my sister gets married in Boston later this year I’ll have to stay somewhere so it might as well be a hotel worth talking about. Here, the rates seem comparable to what I’ve seen elsewhere.

I decided to try one more search before drawing any conclusions so I looked at Philadelphia hotels (for the first leg of my Elizabethtown roadtrip). Here I saw some hotels that were 10% off or 15% off. I compared these discounts to what I’d find on say Yahoo travel. For the Latham Hotel, Hotel was 5 cents cheaper than the “guaranteed” low price on Yahoo travel (powered by Travelocity who are not always reliable).

In conclusion, this is a site to check once you’ve chosen your hotel and you’re searching for the best price. If the site added reviews, then it would also be a resource for choosing a hotel but I didn’t see any reviews. If anyone has some experience with Hotel, please let us know.

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