How big of a honeymoon bargain can you get? And cruises vs. all-inclusive resorts

This article talks about how to have a great honeymoon in 2009. It mentions that prices are dropping and an inventive way to help pay:

Some are even making weekly deposits with travel agents. Tour America reports that weekly or monthly contributions from family and friends for the honeymoon have become a fashionable pre-wedding present.

One other interesting note in that article is that prices in Dubai have dropped 40% – interesting because I was just writing about how the economy must be hurting Dubai, especially.

The article lists some “deals” but they don’t seem all that special to me – most are over 1,000 GBP/person. I’m not saying that the prices are totally unreasonable – just that they don’t seem 25%-40% cheaper than normal.

This article talks about how cruises and all-inclusive resorts make honeymoons less stressful – worrying about how much money you spend on each dinner would be a drag on your honeymoon. Personally, though, I think comparing cruises to all-inclusives is a bit misleading. As I wrote on my Alaska cruise review, I certainly saw people experiencing all kinds of stress because of the extra charges on the cruise ship (especially the very expensive photos). My wife and I ended up spending an extra $1300 on the shore excursions, specialty restaurants, photos, bowling, the mandatory tips, etc. Plus a bunch more money shopping.

At the resorts I’ve been to, there hasn’t really been any temptation to shop. Most seem to be no tipping. I think the food is usually included – even when you do eat at a specialty restaurant. So you really wouldn’t have to worry about spending extra money if you were to go to a resort like Sirenis, Punta Cana. On a cruise, you better expect to pay something extra.

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  1. Deneen says:

    There is no reason in the world to spend that much extra on a cruise. I have been on several and have only spent money on alcohol (about $50) and a few t-shirts for the family back home (3 for $10). I also shopped at the $10 duty-free shop onboard ($10). We had taken our own pictures, so we were not suckered into buying the ones they take at the various entertainment spots. We didn’t have to book excursions; we went to the free beaches, ate at a restaurant and went to a local club. We booked a tour of the Bahamas with other passengers for $25 and had a great time. The specialty restaurants were not a big draw to us; the ones onboard provided delicious meals for no extra charge.

    Don’t buy anything you don’t absolutely want. We spent under $200 over 5 days and had wonderful cruise experiences.

  2. We love cruises – they make a great honeymoon trip – it is totally your option if you spend additional funds. The cruise package offers most everything in a luxury, friendly setting. Go and enjoy.

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