How do charities benefit from your donated timeshare?

I’ve written about timeshares before, mostly because I used to play with the idea of buying one. I think some of the negative experiences with timeshares have convinced me not to do that anytime soon. Plus I want to visit new places when I travel anyway.

But those negative comments about people stuck with timeshares they don’t want, got me thinking – what can you do with a timeshare that’s too hard to sell? Well I’m not sure how it helps the charities, but you can donate timeshares. If you can’t sell it, I don’t understand how it can be a real boon to the people you donate it to, though. Does anyone understand the process a bit more than I do?

I couldn’t find the answer on the website i linked to above. I suppose they wisely (from a communications perspective) focus on the benefits to the reader rather than the benefits for them. The main benefit from donating seems to be getting out of your contract (no more annual fees) but also mentioned are tax deductions, feeling good about helping a charity, and not having to go through the hassle of trying to sell something nobody wants anyway.

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  1. Jessica says:

    They can probably auction it for fundraising. I’m not sure if there is a resale problem with that or not but seems a plausible idea.

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