How do I get my free ticket to Japan?

Interesting marketing idea but I don’t see how to apply:

Japan’s national tourism agency has announced plans to give away 10,000 free flights to the country to international travelers as part of an initiative to reinvigorate an industry that has slumped since the tsunami and nuclear disaster in Fukushima in March.

The Yomiuri newspaper reports that potential visitors will have to apply for their free tickets and will be asked to write reviews of their experiences in Japan. If the reviews are solid, the thinking seems to be, the agency will have bought itself some good press after a long dry spell.

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  1. Sharon says:

    According to their website this morning, the plan is waiting on government budgetary approval, so no details yet available.

  2. doreen says:

    I would like to try for a free ticket

  3. That is a good idea after what happened to Japan. Japan is a nice place I stayed there for couple of weeks. But, the best place for me is Iceland, Greece I will never forget how nice the place is and the experience I had in Mykonos Villas. This is a must see and must visit.

  4. Linda Bator says:

    Actually, this is not a done deal as of yet — they need to get the Tourism Board to get approval before moving forward. But it sounds like a great idea to get people to take the plunge!

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