How do you know in advance you get your money’s worth on safari?

Is it just me or do prices on African safaris seem to vary tremendously? I ask because of a recent Groupon getaway deal, an 8 day Kenya safari for $3600 instead of the normal $6k (including airfare from JFK to Nairobi).

About a year ago, I posted a travel deal here where an 8 day safari was about $2,000. 5 years ago, one of our readers wrote about his story – a safari was either $1300 or $1600.

I think we have to assume that the more expensive safaris include fancier lodging, more wine, and all that good stuff. But you don’t always get what you pay for so how can you tell if the safari that costs three times more (or just 50% more on sale) is worth the extra?

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