How to sell a timeshare or at least get rid of it without losing too much money

In the past, I’ve written about a few cases where people wanted to get rid of their timeshares. Manhattan Club may be the worst, but there are plenty of reasons not to buy a timeshare. But some people love them and even more people buy them.

So recently I got this question: My mother-in-law has an RCI timeshare she wants to dispose of. She offered it to my wife and I, but we don’t want it. Does anyone know of a reliable service that handles these sales? Are there significant costs involved in unloading it? Any info would be appreciated. I just don’t have any experience in this area and I can use your input to help jumpstart my research. Thanks.


1. The timeshare store in Orlando. They specialize in Disney but handle all others as well I believe. My friend Chip has bought and sold using them and had no issues.

2. Another friend had to unload his dad’s timesharee after he passed. “After a lot of work I finally convinced them to let me “deed it back” to them, which cost me a few hundred bucks. Took multiple calls and pretty major escalation to layers of management. Yes, I had to pay to unload it. couldn’t give it away, no one would even accept it as a donation. Be careful with any of the sites that claim they can sell it, in most cases you’ll pay money to them and get nada.”

3. Century 21 has a timeshare dept. They are as reliable as anyone. You may also want to contact the home base office as they may be willing to negotiate a resale.

Q: Can CENTURY 21 Real Estate help with timeshare properties?
A: Depending on his or her level of expertise and preference, and pursuant to state real estate licensing laws, a CENTURY 21 Broker or Sales Associate may be able to help you buy or sell a timeshare. For information on a specific location or property, please contact a CENTURY 21 Office directly for assistance or a referral.

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