How to sneak booze aboard: bringing alcohol on a cruise ship

A few friends of mine had a funny conversation I thought I would summarize for you. I’ll link to a few products that people have tried but keep in mind that some people prefer the less expensive way – just hide the bottle in your clothes. Anyway, here’s the summary.

Question: Me and the Mrs are going on a cruise at the end of March. We just recently found out that our boat does not have the drink program on it. We still plan on getting some at the bars but would like to offset some of the cost. Plus it can be nice to have a drink in our cabin. So we need to sneak our alcohol onto the cruise ship. Anyone have any good ideas how to bring the booze aboard?

1. Barnoculars. They don’t check very thoroughly when you embark.

2. We bought a case of water and refilled two of the bottles with vodka. Listerine works for yellow liquor.

3. One friend and I put a Plastic 1.75L of vodka (quality stuff I know) in our suitcases and just wrapped in in a plastic bag and some clothing and I it got on. My friend who used the same tactic as I did got caught and all they did was hold it until the night before we disembarked which actually ended up being convenient since they close the bar early that night to count inventory.

4. You can buy an iFlask

5. Rinse out a couple of Costco hydrogen peroxide bottles. Fill with your vodka of choice, twist top tightly to close. Put in 2 gallon ziplock baggies, throw in a few band aids or gauze before sealing and nobody’s gonna check. My pharmacist buddy suggested this to me and it worked out perfectly.

6. They’re not in the confiscation business. I’ve taken a number of domestic cruises and simply wrap the bottles in my clothing. They don’t go digging through your suitcases. Don’t spend time or money on ridiculous flasks or bottles that will end up leaking and embarrassing you even more than getting caught outright.

7. One guy ought these run runners: “I bought them and packed them with my clothes and got through without a problem.”

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