Hsintien Chinatrust Executive Taipei Taiwan

The Hsintien Chinatrust Executive is not technically in Taipei but it is on the Taipei MRT. Our flight from Hong Kong was delayed so we arrived after midnight and paid 1300 TWD for a car to the hotel (it was 1200 from the hotel to the airport).

The location is not inconvenient since it is so close to the MRT, maybe a 2 minute walk. The room was plain and clean. The breakfast was not Western, and I received a terrible shock when I stuck hakf a hard boiled egg in my mouth only to learn that it was pure salt.

The night mangaer spoke excellent English, but getting directions from the day people took a bit of patience. If the next time I’m heading to Taipei the Hsintien Chinatrust Executive hotel has the best price (not including hostels and the like they did have the best price this time but were running a special) I’ll stay there again.

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  1. Cyndi says:

    The hard boiled egg was probably the salty egg that is usually consumed with congee in small pieces, because plain hard boiled eggs aren’t normally part of the morning breakfast.

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