I-95 weather conditions and planning a trip from Boston down to Florida

I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and is gearing up for a happy New Year. In our case, Christmas in Boston was a real treat and well worth a tough drive to be with family.

And the drive was tough mostly due to poor planning so we’ll drive back south a little bit wiser, if not smarter.

For one, we will be leaving during the day, not long after we wake up. Last time we left at midnight and even though I had taken a nap, I was driving sleepily by 6:00 am.

And we will plan our trip according to the weather. I found this Weather Channel.com webpage to be a hugely useful resource, so I hope anyone planning along trip along Interstate 95 finds the same page.

And we might try to plan where we’ll be stopping Sunday night (since we leave Sunday morning). We have a few spots where there’s something to do. Do we want to make it half way on Sunday or split the trips into thirds? On the way up to Boston, we just stopped in any old fleabag motel that advertised a cheap price on the side of the road. We might not do that again…

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