I fly home in a few hours

Pretty soon I make my way to Busan, fly to Tokyo, spend the night, and then fly to New York on JAL. My vacation begins! It may be a few days before my next post.

Meanwhile, I was able to see The Holiday, which has Arthur Frommer gushing about the greatness of this money-saving vacation tactic. The movie itself was OK – I’m a sucker for happy ending love stories I guess.

Speaking of holiday romance, here’s an article on blind dates in the most natural element possible, the airplane. Someone needs to tell me if this works better in economy class where you’re all scrunched up (shouldn’t be too hard to make a move look like an accident) or in business class where you can relax a bit and turn to face each other without spraining your neck… Of course maybe on a shorter flight than the one I’m about to take it wouldn’t be so bad.

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