Ice roads in Estonia open to cars, SUVs, and tractors

When I was in Estonia during the summer, I really wanted to go bog-walking. It didn’t work out so I went sea kayaking instead. Still pretty good.

Now that it’s nice and cold in Estonia, the country’s ice roads are open. The ice roads need to be 20 cm think to open and can be used by cars, SUVs and tractors, according to the Police and Border Guard’s South Prefecture. Drivers planning to venturing out on the lakes must first register at the nearest border guard station. I could see renting a tractor (and maybe hiring a guide) and hitting the ice roads for a new experience.

If you check out this sign, you’ll see that you’re supposed to go 10-25 kilometers an hour (tractor speed I guess) or 40-70. This is a thumbnail so click the image for a full-size picture


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