Ideas for a low stress / low cost vacation?

As I finish up making hotel reservations and things for my upcoming 24 day Finland and Estonia adventure, I’m starting to worry a bit about the money. I’m not spending more than I have, but I am spending more than I want to. That goes for time as well – planning a long trip with multiple stops is kind of a pain – my wife and I negotiate where to go, where to skip, how long to stay in each place, how much is too much to spend, all that.

So to see what I was missing, I went to one website that promised to give me some cheap holiday deals and searched for Finland. It wasn’t even an option. I figured that’s just cause Finland and Norway are so expensive. I took this as a hint to give up trying to go cheap on this holiday and just plan differently next time.

Last summer we went to Tokyo for a week (instead of Europe for 3 weeks). That would have been cheap if not for the expensive hotel. But the airfare from Seoul to Tokyo is (of course) not too expensive and I do like short flights better than long ones since I always fly economy.

Interestingly, they did have a page for the USA – who knew America was cheap? It can be a little cheap for me since I can usually stay with family instead of spending on hotels but I didn’t know it could possibly be cheap for anyone else. Then again, when I was a kid I did the road trip / youth hostel thing or just slept in my car when I was being really cheap.

But to get back to what I saw on that website, they did have some nice air / hotel packages (departing from London or other UK airports since it’s a UK site). If you go for the cheapest ones, under 120 GBP you get 2 nights in Amsterdam. But if you’re willing to spend just over 200 GBP you can do 7 nights in Sunny Beach, Bourgas Region, Bulgaria or 7 nights in Altinkum, Bodrum Peninsula, Turkey.

After planning this European trip (seriously it seems like a part time job and not an easy one) the idea of just clicking a button and then spending 7 nights in a foreign country sounds pretty good.

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  1. Sharon says:

    It seems to me that a trip like the one you have planned would not be very relaxing. I personally prefer no more than one or two destinations at a time, rather than several stops along the way. Packing and unpacking, airports or train stations, etc., is tiring. Then too, I don’t like to plan every step of the way,at least to where it becomes a real pain. Some people I know always go for the tour package deals, where everything is set in stone, where to eat, when, what to see, etc. I want to do things spontaneously, as much as possible,on a vacation.

  2. Matthew Clark says:

    The cheap deals that you will find in Estonia will be more than offset by the expensive prices in Finland. Oh well!

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