If NASA does less and private companies do more will we see more space vacations?

I don’t know if space travel will become affordable in my lifetime but maybe since I grew up a Star Trek fan I can’t help blogging about space travel.

Mancunian covered Virgin Galactic over 2 years ago. Just a few months ago I mentioned their space hotel. And almost exactly two years ago I asked where you would honeymoon after a wedding in space (still not sure where now that I think about it).

So even though I usually shy away from politics and travel (I think I had to delete about 15 political and/or vulgar comments on the Sarah Palin Alaska travel show blog entry) this one has to get a mention.

The New York Times talks about President Obama and NASA. Obama wants private companies to start doing some of NASA’s old job:

Mr. Obama’s budget request to Congress in February proposed a major shift for NASA: canceling the Constellation program, started five years ago to send astronauts back to the Moon, and turning to private companies for carrying astronauts to the International Space Station…. And he argued that turning to private entrepreneurs would result in more space flights and more astronauts in orbit than the space plan he inherited.

This next bit will be totally unfair because it’s a political comment and I reject political comments on my blog, but this one I find funny: “One senator in particular was determined to achieve a new altitude record in hypocrisy, claiming that the public option was bad in healthcare, but good in space!”

I’m no scientist, but it’s not hard to believe that companies trying to make money will end up being more efficient than the American government.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Whether private companies can be more efficient remains to be seen. There is a good deal of time and money involved in such ventures, and in reality, how many will be able to afford a space vacation anyway. While all this privatization is taking place, the U.S. will continue to depend on Russia (and more than likely, on China) for space shuttle “taxi” service, at a mind-boggling cost. Then too, can private companies attain the same level of space operation expertise that NASA has gained through years and years of research and experience.

  2. Reidovale says:

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