In Istanbul – souvenir options = lights or cat?

My first impression of Istanbul is that if you like to walk around and get lost in a city, Istanbul is perfect. It’s easier to get lost here than in a lot of other places I’ve been. After a few mosques we ended up in the Grand Bazaar which is also great for walking aorund and getting lost.

When my wife’s jet lag caught up with her and we wanted to get back to the hotel what we were told was a 15 minute walk ended up taking a long time and we must have asked for directions 5-10 times. But how can can you complain when you’re walking by Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, and other cool stuff?

Speaking of cool stuff, the first thing we saw that would make a good souvenir was a kind of light stand about 6 feet tall with 5 glass light fixtures hanging from the top in a spiral. Lights seem to be a big deal in Turkey and we were soon fairly overwhelmed though the tall light stands are not so common (and much harder to bring home of course).

On our roundabout way back to the hotel, we ran into a friendly stray cat. My wife noted that he was following us around and asked if we should take him home. I said he’d be a much cooler souvenir than a light. Now every time I think about souvenirs I think I’m being a materialistic bastard so I might leave Turkey with either most of my money or a new cat.

As my wife points out, there are some issues. Now I assume we can get to a vet and get the paperwork done (if we even see the same stray again but I have a feeling we will), but a carrier, etc. Maybe we could make arrangements with Turkish Air if we do it soon enough. But the real problem is if the cat doesn’t get along with our dogs and starts clawing our little guys up. And if it’s miserable being an indoor cat, that’s another huge problem.

So I’ll probably be smart enough to focus my animal rescue efforts in one country (Korea) or two (Korea and the US) but bringing home such a grateful and loving (for now ayway – some strays don’t stay as loving as they were when you found them) souvenir is certainly tempting.

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  1. T. Rex says:

    …well, I opt for the cat, I’m afraid that the 05′ Tsunami got my feline friends in Thailand-they were in the worst hit spot. The locals ignored them & the tourists abused them, giving them beer, etc., but bringing them home in their condition was a non starter, so I left some money with a Vendor to feed them. They were brother & sister with all the personality and people skills with the boy-very sad state of affairs-the Thai Foreign Nationals seemed to adore dogs, not so much cats. Good story, Rex

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