India as a destination for medical tourism

This article on medical tourism in India claims that shorter waiting lists and lower prices are attracting foreigners to come to India for healthcare. Another article tells us that “top hospitals like Apollo and Sir Ganga Ram here are providing travel facilities akin to the best offered by the hotel industry.”

At least one nurse recommended against India as a healthcare destination in the comments section of my Nov. 17, 2005 post on medical value travel in India.

In Canada medical tourism has stirred some controversy: there’s a company that arranges medical tourism visits in Pakistan and India. The company can “arrange a kidney transplant from a live donor for about $32,000 US.” The controversy, of course, comes from the “exploitation of the individuals in the Third World.” The counter argument is that one life is saved (the wealthier medical tourist) and another life is improved (the person selling their kidney escapes abject poverty).

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