Inspiring photo of Petra Treasury in Jordan

The photo shown here is the Petra treasury. After entering Petra through a sandstone canyon, this is what you’ll see.

Petra is a UNESCO World Heritage site in Jordan where travelers can see buildings carved out of stone mountains. Most everyone has seen it already, even if they didn’t know that Petra is the Holy Temple where Indy finds the Holy Grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

This picture shows the area unusually empty; I understand that this is where you’d find camel and donkey owners. If you like to haggle, this is your chance. Even if you do hire a camel or donkey, you should still be in pretty good shape (and hope for good weather) when you visit Petra because you’ll be outdoors in the heat and possibly doing a lot of walking.

Before even entering Petra, you’ll need a ticket. You can buy a ticket and hire a Bedouin guide in the Visitor’s Center. They say not to buy tickets from anywhere else (you can’t trust the scalpers).

There are lots of other awesome sights in Petra that I don’t have photos of. Like Madrid, Petra is someplace I’ve never been but the beauty I see in this photo inspires me to keep writing and traveling.

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