Ireland travel planning questions: a true or false FAQ

I’ve heard a lot of things about traveling to Ireland. The idea here is for readers of to answer the following questions about planning a trip to Ireland so that when any of us is lucky enough to go, we know what to do and what not to do. Questions can be answered true / false. Of course you can expand your answer if you like but I thought the true or false would be something different – hopefully it keeps some of you entertained.

1. Galway is the best city in Ireland.

2. Grafton Street is the best street for eating, pubbing and shopping in Dublin.

3. Cabs are reliable and are available 24/7.

4. The Guinness factory in Dublin is the only place you can buy Guinness from a vending machine.

5. It’s better to head north than south because of the Giants Causeway and the Bushmills tour.

6. Donegal, to the west along the coast, is the most scenic part of Ireland. Nice drive, nice towns, lots of beautiful views and such.

7. Lahinch or Kinsale are can’t miss towns.

8. The views are the best thing about visiting the Guiness factory.

9. The tour of Kilmainham Gaol, the prison where 1916 martyrs were executed along with many others, has the best stories you’ll hear in Ireland

10. Wicklow has the most beautiful countryside in Ireland.

11. If you go to Waterford County, a very good inn is the Richmond House in Cappoquin.

12. Blarney Castle is the best castle in Ireland.

13. If you’re willing to drop a lot of money, check out Ashford Castle. It is expensive, but a really cool place to stay.

14. It’s good to practice the driving skills you’ll need for Ireland’s small roads by driving on the sidewalk a few weeks before you go.

15. Dont hang your arm out the window or it will be taken off.

16. The intersection of choice is the traffic circle. Learn them and you will do just fine.

17. Skip the Book of Kells so you don’t waste of an afternoon.

18. You don’t have to kiss the Blarney Stone, (ick phew), but you can tell people that you did. If they believe you, then you didn’t need the gift of blarney to begin with.

19. Peat fires smell bad, but they are interesting.

20. The Dingle Peninsula is amazingly beautiful.

21. A black taxi political tour of Belfast is fascinating and educational if you have any interest in the “Troubles”.

22. In Kinsale, the culinary capital of Ireland, the best restaurant is “Fishy Fishy.”

23. Connemara beats the Ring of Kerry because its less touristy and more truly Irish.

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  1. Sharon says:

    My article,June 2008, in your travel plan archives might be of interest, as well.

    Ireland: A Visit to the Land of Poets, Music, Legends, and Cheer

  2. Hannah says:

    When my husband & I went to Dublin, the Book of Kells was #2 on our list (#1 was to sit in a pub with live music) – and we thoroughly enjoyed it! But, then, my husband is getting his PhD in Medieval Literature.

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