Is Dubai a good place to visit or live?

The article of this author has mixed feelings about Dubai, but in the end he concludes it’s worth a visit:

All in all, Dubai is a discombobulating place, where East collides with West and mutates into some new idea of a city that careens among bloated, ridiculous, audacious and beautiful, and it’s all moving too fast for anyone to make the distinction. This futuristic city is a fascinating place to visit, but I would never want to live there.

Actually at one point I thought about moving to Dubai to teach there. I’m happy where I am now so I haven’t given moving to Dubai any thought in years.

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  1. imran siddiqi says:

    dubai is one of the greatest place to live but you have to have lot of money to spend, but on the other hand if you have lot to spend any place is good

  2. Jerry says:

    I agree Dubai is a futuristic city. It is great for architecture buffs. Numerous unique and interesting new buildings. I lived in Abu Dhabi (about 80 miles down the coast) for 30 mos. and visited Dubai many weekends. As a previous writer noted, I always felt Dubai was growing at a rapid pace without a sense of direction. Indeed it has developed sectors of the city designated Internet City, Financal Center, a Health Complex, University Center, and Knowledge Village, but the infrastructure seems over developed for the demand. Who knows, maybe they will all fill eventually. Personally, I enjoyed living in Abu Dhabi. It is growing as well, but my sense is it is very selective and planned in what it adopts from the West to integrate in their Middle Eastern culture. It just felt more planned and less rushed.

  3. Ti says:

    Dubai feels like one giant commercial enterprise. It’s a great example of one giant melting pot of cultures, nationalities and faiths, though.

    It is definitely worth visiting, and is a heaven for shoppers, but cost of living is just too high for the people who live there.

    As a tourist destination, I’d give it top marks. As a place to live, it is a safe place to raise children, but it is becoming more and more expensive.

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