Is Las Vegas the next Paris?

Apparently Las Vegas is going through some changes that should be good for the city and for tourists as it becomes more pedestrian friendly:

CityCenter represents the beginning of a trend toward more destinations within a destination: “Las Vegas is going to evolve into something like Paris [the one in France, not the one up the street] where you spend one day in one arrondissement and go to another the next day.”

Never been to wither but something tells me Vegas will only be like Paris in the sense that it will have various pedestrian friendly zones.

Here, they say that CityCenter in Vegas will open (in parts) this December but I don’t like the idea of visiting something before it’s finished – seems like I’m not getting full value.

Who here plans on going?

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  1. Sharon says:

    Vegas will never be like Paris! I’ve been to both and there is just no comparison, totally different atmosphere. Paris is elegance, history, and old world charm. You can’t duplicate this with glass fronts, high rise buildings, and famous names, not numbers, on modern storefronts and doorways. Vegas is a great place to have fun, with lots of noise, people, and touristy gimmicks. And no,I won’t be going to Vegas this year, planning on returning to Reno, which I much prefer.

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